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Restoring Hunting Rights

Every client's situation is completely unique.  It is impossible to generalize the right to hunt under federal or state law without a private and free consultation with a lawyer.  

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, generally speaking, is unaware of an individuals right to purchase or possess a firearm.  The two are not linked at all.  If your rights have been revoked based on a felony, domestic violence, or drug crime, it is highly probable that you will still be allowed to purchase a hunting license from ODFW.  Simply because you can purchase a hunting license, big game, or waterfowl tags you may not be able to purchase or possess a firearm.  Do not mistake the ability to obtain a license or tag with the ability to lawfully purchase or possess a firearm.  

It is lawful under Oregon law to archery hunt even with a felony convictions.  It is not lawful under Oregon law to hunt with a cross bow.  If you or a loved one currently has a prohibitive condition (and may be tired of bow hunting) it will be necessary to restore your rights to purchase and possess firearms before you attempt to hunt with a firearm.   

The restoration of gun rights can be completed through;

Speak with the lawyers at Oregon Gun Law about the best route to restore your rights to hunt under Oregon and Federal law with a firearm.