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How An Oregon Gun Attorney Can Help

At Oregon Gun Law, we offer a specialized legal service dedicated to helping the people of Oregon restore their gun rights. We're experienced Oregon gun rights lawyers who know the complexities of gun laws and work diligently to help you restore your right to purchase and possess a firearm. This includes helping you with a past felony conviction to seek felony reduction, a critical step towards regaining the right to own and carry a firearm.


Also, we record expungement to help to clear past criminal records which can be a significant barrier to gun ownership. If you're interested in hunting, we at Oregon Gun Law offer assistance in restoring hunting rights, ensuring that past legal issues don't permanently hinder your ability to participate in this activity. We even conduct concealed carry permit classes, providing you with the essential training and guidance for safely and legally carrying a concealed weapon. Our comprehensive approach not only helps you get your Oregon gun rights restored but also we educate you on responsible gun ownership and usage. Contact us to get your free consultation to see if we can help you get your 2nd amendment rights restored. 

*Nothing herein constitutes legal advice. You should obtain independent legal counsel regarding your specific factual situation.

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